At Revive Treatment Centers
We utilize an integrated approach to treating our patients. Practitioners examine each patient’s lifestyle and unique neurological and biochemical factors to identify the underlying causes of their condition. Most often there are multiple layers of issues which need to be uncovered and prioritized, and this takes time and deep investigation to get to the origination of the symptoms. We may utilize advanced imaging,  specialty lab work, or specific diagnostic testing to get a closer look at all of the identifying factors.

At Revive the doctors do not leave out any details. From genetic predisposition, development of the individual brain, analyzation of the gut biome, immune issues which may be involved, to medications being used and how they are contributing. These science-based findings aid in creating a treatment plan which will help patients to return to optimal function. The goal of Revive Treatment Centers is to improve health and vitality in each patient. We see profound results while in our office and strive to continue the momentum by working with your local specialist to ensure your progress to Live Life better and Love Life more.

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"We made more progress here in six days then we have in the past six years anywhere else".
-Parents of patient with Cerebral Palsy