Learning Dyspraxia

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Learning Dyspraxia

Learning disabilities and disorders affect the brain’s ability to receive and process information and make it difficult for a person to learn in the same way as someone without a learning disability. As a result, academic concerns can occur creating issues of poor performance academically on assignments, homework, and testing. But academic struggles can also occur in a variety of other areas of life, creating increasing stress and interfering with home, work and social aspects of life as well. Academic concerns can range from child bullying concerns and aggressive behavior toward teachers to difficulties grasping information in the classroom. Other types of academic struggles may include:
  • Learning disabilities
  • Bullying at school
  • Disinterest in school topics
  • Confusion over topics of study
  • Under-achieving in studies
  • Procrastination and time management issues

Struggles in academics, focus and attention issues are common in schools today but are not always rooted in learning disabilities. Other disorders affecting the brain that can make learning a particularly difficult challenge, include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) and Autism spectrum disorders. There is increasingly more information concerning the brain’s natural ability to reorganize itself and innovative treatments in place to assist in re-wiring those faulty connections. New understanding of the brain’s inner workings has brought important discoveries and renewed hope to families and students who struggle with processing information and utilizing normal lines of communication.

Our Unique Process for Your Unique Situation

We have created a unique process that is built to maximize time and results.  To reach your personal healthcare goals, it is imperative that your physicians and care providers precisely know your individual story and needs.  Your individual goals are the focal point of the comprehensive treatment plan which is based off your exam, diagnostics, and lab results.  Your treatment plan is designed specifically for you and is not a protocol.

This plan is executed over 10 days.  Many patients see measurable improvement over the time in our office.  When you leave, we create a plan to help you continue on your journey.  Our goal is to see each patient continue to build upon the initial results they achieved in office.  

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