Revive Treatment Centers of 

America strives to increase quality of life
so our patients can live better and love life more. We utilize cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and procedures to find the underlying cause of a patient’s symptoms and conceive an innovative treatment plan to best address the patient’s individual needs. We focus on a multimodal approach that allows us to activate multiple pathways by coupling targeted therapies to further drive neuro integration.
  1. Multi-axis Rotational Device
    Our multi-axis rotational device utilizes the otolithic and vestibular system to stimulate and strengthen projections throughout the brain. By utilizing a controlled directional spin in our multi-axis rotational device, we can activate specific regions of the brain in order to affect a variety of different disorders.
  1. Visual Stimulation/ Functional Movement
    Research has shown that the utilization of eye movements activates multiple regions throughout the brain. Movement drives brain activation and growth. The coupling of specific eye movements with visual stimulation (colors, patterns, etc.) and specific movements allows us to activate targeted regions of the brain.
  2. HBOT
    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is utilized to increase oxygenation helping to promote healing increase neurological stamina. Research shows that HBOT can increase stem cells.
  3. BITS
    BITS is a touchscreen technology that has a wide variety of therapeutic activities helping to integrate motor and sensory pathways in a variety of areas throughout the brain. BITS measures reaction time and sensory-motor timing. It is used to therapeutically stimulate hand-eye coordination and sensory-motor integration.
  4. E-stim/ SSEP
    We utilize electrical currents to stimulate both peripheral and cranial nerves in order to activate specific areas of the Central or Peripheral nervous system.
  5. Cold Laser
    Cold Laser utilizes high-frequency light waves that penetrate into tissues to be absorbed by mitochondria cells and is shown to initiate a series of events in the cell that is theorized to eventually result in normalizing damaged or injured tissue.
  6. rTMS
    rTMS utilizes electromagnetic waves to directly stimulate neuron pools within the brain. We are able to provide Theta Burst Stimulation which is the latest in advancements in transcranial magnetic stimulation which is FDA approved and has proven to be beneficial for depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s and many other diseases and disorders.

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